CampKIP, Missouri, YarnOver, Minnesota, finally home!

Whew!    It’s been a busy week!   It was so crazy busy I completely neglected to take photos…. Bad, bad, bad!    That’s something I’m going to have to work on.

I attended CampKIP1 in Missouri April 21 through 24, and it was so relaxing and invigorating I didn’t want to leave.   Jackie, Tammy, Shilo and Meghan did a wonderful job of keeping us focused on the fun — and we knitted and spun ourselves into lots of new friendships and reconnecting with old friends too!

I was home for a few days, just long enough really to do laundry, tag some yarn, and help the hubby get things loaded into the trailer for a trip to Minnesota to YarnOver, the Minnesota Knitting Guild’s Extravaganza of Yarny Goodness!    We were so happy to be a part of the fun again, and had a great time chatting with StevenBe, Amy from (the finger looks fabulous!) and many podcasters, Cynthia from Coldwater Collaborative, and the Rainey Sisters, just to name a few!

George’s Yarn Buddies flew off the table, and he’s going to be busy filling custom orders and creating more for Shepherd’s Harvest in a couple of weeks.   I’m going to be busy dyeing yarn for orders and trying to get some re-stocking done.

Our daughters held down the fort while we were gone and did a wonderful job at that.   Thanks girls!   The plants in the greenhouses look wonderful, despite the cool temps while we were gone.   I can’t wait to be able to harvest some spearmint and rosemary — basils too!   And the perennial beds are calling me.   And of course the Madison Farmer’s Market is open, but we won’t be heading there for another month.   The end of May will be when we debut our yummy heirloom veggie plants, herbs, and beautiful perennial plants!

Thank you Minnesota for such a great day Saturday….. we’ll be back soon!

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New things are coming!!!!!

Well, we’re finally getting around to having a website professionally designed.    It should be up and running soon ***crossing fingers***

I’m soooooo excited!

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